Edinburgh, UK

Posted on: 2022-01-03

Category: energy

Employment type:

Full time

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Salary not provided

Senior Systems Engineer

About the company:

Gravitricity Ltd is an energy storage company based in Edinburgh, UK. We are developing a grid-scale mechanical energy storage technology which shares many of the best attributes of lithium batteries and pumped storage – offering fast, versatile electricity storage which can be located exactly where it is required.

It will appeal to network-constrained users and operators, distribution networks and major power users and has potential to provide significant network benefits including reduced overall costs.
Over the next 12 months we will be undertaking sub-system design and testing at an existing mine site, and aim to trial our first full-scale prototype in 2022. Our demonstrator testing concluded in summer 2021.

Gravitricity requires an experienced Systems Engineer to work dynamically across a diverse range of
exciting technology development challenges. This will require an extremely dynamic and versatile
person with a great ability to work across disciplines and find innovative approaches to novel
This will be a challenging and rewarding role that requires spanning a range of interesting analysis,
modelling, and systems engineering areas. This could suit someone with experience in industry in a
similar role or coming from academia with industrial connections, but we are open to any background
with the right skills. The right person will be very self-driven to work proactively across several areas
of the technology, be able to learn fast and be comfortable working outside of their core expertise. An
innovative, entrepreneurial attitude is crucial.

Depending on the experience of the candidate, key focus areas may include:
Full Scale System Architecture Development: Get rapidly, and deeply involved in understanding the
vast range of design parameters that affect system cost and performance. Understand and further
develop, in collaboration with the commercial team, the work done on the relationship between
system performance and commercial value. Find creative modelling and analytical approaches which
bridge technical and commercial considerations in order to understand and optimise the system
value. This will require a disciplined approach to break down the problem into manageable sections
without getting daunted by the range of open variables. This work will have a significant influence on
the technology development decisions, at the full system level but also sub-system and component
level. It will require significant collaboration with many sides of the business in order to gather or
create the required inputs.
Technical Analysis: Own specific technical development challenges that require in-depth technical
understanding and analysis. Especially focusing on technical queries which have significant and varied
performance and cost implications (e.g. motor selection, or OPEX modelling). Initiate and develop
novel concepts to solve technical problems in these areas and contribute to a patent protection
process where relevant.
Requirements Management: Translating insights from the commercial and engineering team into
requirements that can focus and steer our engineering development. Manage these requirements to
ensure they are relevant and used. Also capture and communicate the interdependencies between
these and various design decisions to enable effective decision making.
Collaboration with external specialists: Taking the internal lead role on projects run with external
specialists. This will require quick learning to “learn the language” of the relevant discipline and
intelligent approaches to extract the key elements that need to drive the Gravitricity engineering
design and commercial proposition. This could include research projects on new applications which
may have a major impact on the company direction. 
MF November 2021
Essential Requirements
• Excellent understanding of engineering science first principles, ideally with some appreciation
spanning both mechanical and electrical systems
• Proven record of finding creative methods to explore complex analytical problems
• BEng or higher in Engineering discipline, or other suitable physical science background
Beneficial Skills
• Strong commercial understanding of Energy Storage markets and services
• Experience in industry relevant to Gravitricity work, this could be for example: mechanical
engineering design, power systems design, renewable energy generation innovation etc
• Systems engineering experience within industry
• Understanding of power systems, how they operate, how they are changing and the role that
storage plays
• Chance to make a significant impact within a small and dynamic company developing a
technology vital for the global energy transition
• Competitive salary dependent on experience
• Modern, flexible company: all staff given option to work 4-day week (pro rata)
• 5% employer pension contribution
• EMI options scheme
We are a small company, actively building a diverse and passionate team, and encourage anybody
with enthusiasm and know-how to apply, irrespective of your background.
In order to apply please send a CV and a cover letter, explaining why you would be motivated to work
with us to [email protected]