Edinburgh, UK

Posted on: 2022-01-04

Category: energy

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Full time

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Salary not provided

Civil Design and Mining Engineer

About the company:

Gravitricity Ltd is an energy storage company based in Edinburgh, UK. We are developing a grid-scale mechanical energy storage technology which shares many of the best attributes of lithium batteries and pumped storage – offering fast, versatile electricity storage which can be located exactly where it is required.

It will appeal to network-constrained users and operators, distribution networks and major power users and has potential to provide significant network benefits including reduced overall costs.
Over the next 12 months we will be undertaking sub-system design and testing at an existing mine site, and aim to trial our first full-scale prototype in 2022. Our demonstrator testing concluded in summer 2021.

Job Brief
A new role has arisen for a civil design or mining engineer to work across a number of key technical
challenges arising as we integrate our mechanical technology into the underground environment. This
could suit someone with experience in the mining industry, but we are open to any background with
the right skills

This role will work closely with external experts where required and could span areas
such as:
Mineshaft Integration: Working in close collaboration with our engineering team, the appropriate
candidate will be a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual who is comfortable leading on the
development of novel mine retrofitting processes. These will include activities such as foundation
design near the shaft head, shaft repairs, shaft furnishing removal, and interfacing with guidance
systems. An understanding of underground environments will be beneficial, for example, knowledge
of hydrogeological processes and atmospheric conditions in mines.
New shaft Projects: Collaborate on the ongoing development of a parametric model for shaft sinking
costs which will contribute to overall project cost estimates, and our work with civil-engineering
partners. The work will include proactive investigation of novel shaft sinking technologies and
assessment of their costs, advantages, and limitations.
Shaft Maintenance: Involvement in the development of shaft maintenance plans for operational
Gravitricity systems. This will involve creating new processes and undertaking optimisation activities
that maximise the availability of the energy storage system, whilst also capturing data (for the
purposes of this novel system) on the shaft condition, to plan and implement maintenance as
Standards and Compliance: Investigation of civil and mining standards in different territories will be
conducted to confirm how they will apply to Gravitricity’s technology. In some locations, this may lead
to a requirement to develop new standards or propose amendments to existing standards to cater for
gravitational energy storage. As part of this process, it will be important to maintain a clear
relationship between ongoing design choices and the standards landscape. This may differ for existing
and new shafts and will also account for operations requiring human access vs normal unmanned
This will be a challenging and rewarding role that will require you to span a range of technical
interfaces. This could suit someone with experience in the mining industry but we are open to any
background with the right skills. The right person will be very self-driven to work proactively across 
MF Nov 2021
several areas of the technology, be able to learn fast and be comfortable working outside of their core
expertise. An innovative, entrepreneurial attitude is also crucial.
Core Skills and Experience
• Minimum 4 years relevant experience, preferably CEng or equivalent.
• BEng or higher in Mining Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, or other suitable science
• Excellent understanding of engineering first principles, ideally spanning both civil and mining
• Proven record of finding creative methods to explore complex new challenges.
Beneficial Skills
• Experience developing procedures for novel technologies.
• Direct experience of designing and analysing foundation structures
• Understanding of the design, testing and implementation of civil infrastructure in the mine
• Prior knowledge of European mining regulations relating to shafts and mine hoists.
• Chance to make a significant impact within a small and dynamic company developing a
technology vital for the global energy transition.
• Competitive salary dependent on experience.
• Modern, flexible company: all staff given option to work 4-day week (pro rata).
• 6% employer pension contribution.
• EMI options scheme.
We are a small company, actively building a diverse and passionate team, and encourage anybody
with enthusiasm and know-how to apply, irrespective of your background.
In order to apply please send a CV and a cover letter, explaining why you would be motivated to work
with us to [email protected]