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Future of transportation

Years ago, we were promised to have flying cars.
It’s 2022 and it’s still not a thing. But…

What about rethinking what we believed in for years would be the best solution for cities cramping more and more?
  1. Public transport — many kinds of research have shown that the easiest way to improve transportation in the city is making public transport more affordable and cheaper.
    The cheapest kind of it would be to create dedica...

    2 minutes read

What is a green job?

You may have heard the term "green jobs", but are you sure you know what does it mean?

According to ILO (International Labour Organization), a green job is one that contributes to preserving or restoring the environment:

Green jobs help:

  • Improve energy and raw materials efficiency
  • Limit greenhouse...

    4 minutes read

People of greentech #1 - Perfect Day

Welcome to the "People of greentech" - a blogpost series where we interview people working at various green-tech companies. We're starting with Perfect Day, a consumer biology company using precision fermentation to create a climate-positive food system, starting with animal-free, nature-identical dairy protein. Through three business units across B2B ingredients, consumer brands, and enterprise biology, Perfect Day is wor...

4 minutes read

7 Ways To Achieve The Sustainable Development Goals

Image Source: Flickr
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people can achieve their potential. The world will be watching closely over the coming years as we continue to implement the 2030 Agenda. So what can we do to make sure we stay on track? There are so many different things that need to be done in order for us to achieve the SDGs. Each one of ...

6 minutes read

The Future of Food: How to Feed a City in 2050

If you think the world of food is changing now, just wait until 2050. The UN predicts that by this time, there will be 70% more city dwellers than there are today. In addition, demand for food will continue to grow with the world’s population set to hit 9 billion people by the end of this century. Therefore, cities will need to come up with new solutions on how to feed their inhabitants. In this article, we take a look at some of the most interesting trends t...

6 minutes read

5 Ways We Can Slow Down Climate Change With Carbon Capture Technologies

Photo by geralt on Pixabay
Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity today. It’s a complex problem that stems from many different sources and is often challenging to understand. But it’s not impossible to tackle; Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies are promising method...

8 minutes read

Future Energy Sources: The Best Options to Keep Us Going After Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels have been the main source of energy for entire history of human civilization. And they still are. But their supply is limited, which means that one day they will run out. When it happens, humanity will have to find new sources of energy. Fortunately, we already know what those new sources will be: renewable energy and other non-fossil fuel alternatives. The question is how soon we manage to transition from old to new energy sources, before the wo...

5 minutes read

7 Energy Storage Technologies You Should Know About

Energy storage is the key to unlocking renewable energy and removing the grid limitations of solar and wind. Energy storage helps utilities and grid operators manage peak demand, prevent blackouts, reduce CO2 emissions, and integrate renewables. Electricity cannot be stored in a straightforward way like water in a tank or oil in a barrel; there are many more complex ways of storing it that involve conversion into another form of energy (e.g. thermal energy) o...

9 minutes read

5 Important Ways You Can Help Fight Climate Change

Image: Freepik

Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the world today. The Earth’s average surface temperature has risen by around 1 degree Celsius over the past century. It’s estimated that if greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase at this rate, the planet will be 4 degrees warmer by the end of this century. This would lead to disastrous consequences for humans and wildlife everywhere. Humankind must take action now, to avoid a cata...

5 minutes read

Artificial Intelligence and Agriculture: How The AI Revolution Is Changing Farming

Today, farming is undergoing a digital revolution. Artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies are helping farmers produce more crops with fewer resources, avoid disease and other risks more easily, and meet consumer demand for sustainably grown food. With the use of AI-assisted precision agriculture, for instance, farmers can now monitor the performance of their crops in real-time and adopt techniques that reduce stress on plants, increase y...

8 minutes read

Exploring Ecological Future of Housing: A Sustainable Solution or Pipe Dream?

The world is facing a housing shortage. As a result, the cost of housing has increased in most cities and home ownership is now out of reach for many people. Governments, developers, and architects are rethinking how we design and build homes to meet the needs of our growing global population while also reducing our carbon footprint. T...

6 minutes read

The Future of Graphene: Innovative Uses of the Material You Probably Didn't Know About

Graphene is a miracle material with an array of potential applications, from electronics to biomedical engineering. Invented in 2004 and first isolating in 2010, graphene is the thinnest and strongest material ever discovered. It’s also the most conductive substance known to mankind. There are currently more than 3,500 patents related to graphene; its versatility makes it applicable to almost any industry. This article explores some of the innovative ways tha...

7 minutes read