Student Placement - Spectroscopy Data Analysis

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Abingdon, United Kingdom

Posted on: 2024-04-03

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The world needs a clean and reliable source of base-load energy to develop sustainably into the future. That’s what Tokamak Energy is striving to achieve.

Tokamak Energy is a private company accelerating the development of fusion power.

Fusion – the energy source that powers the sun – is globally accepted as the best way to generate plentiful, safe, secure and clean energy. The tokamak is the most heavily researched and best understood of all the different paths to fusion.

It is now acknowledged that the spherical tokamak design offers the smallest and most cost-effective solution. This is our solution. Yet there are many complex engineering challenges that need to be overcome for demonstration and commercialisation of this technology.

Our team of world-class fusion scientists and magnet engineers is tackling these challenges to develop efficient and affordable fusion power. Our unique approach is centred on rapid innovation using the latest materials and technology – but building on decades of scientific research and experience. This strategy gives us – and the world – a faster way to fusion.

Once fusion electricity is achieved, our scalable technology could be rolled out across the world as a solution to one of humanity’s greatest challenges: clean and sustainable energy for all.

Tokamak Energy are pleased to be offering a number of Summer placement opportunities to undergraduates who are studying a relevant degree and seeking experience within a commercial Fusion organisation. Our Summer placements offer a fantastic opportunity to work with highly talented individuals and teams, focusing on a focused project or series of small projects and tasks to support our mission and goals.

This opportunity will not only be a great way to apply some of your learnings from your studies, but also be part of a commercial Fusion working environment combining R&D with Programme delivery and learning to work in a collaborative and innovative workplace. You will have the opportunity to apply your skills and abilities within a variety of areas including communication, teamwork, project management and much more!

Overview of the role

ST40 is a high field spherical tokamak built and operated by Tokamak Energy.  Spectroscopy is an important plasma diagnostic used on ST40 to measure temperature, rotation, and density of impurities in the plasma. Measurements and interpretation of these values are crucial to maximise temperature for optimum fusion conditions and understanding various physics processes (transport, turbulence, etc…). Spectroscopy is also used to monitor elements (impurities) that are present in the plasma which can tell us information on the interactions between the plasma and the surrounding surfaces.

The “Spectroscopy Data Analysis” role will be to support the team by refactoring and improving the data analysis systems and code for measurements on ST40. Working on data quality assessments of the data – it’s extremely important for data interpretation to determine how trustworthy a given analysis is. Using the ST40 database to gain insights from correlations between measured plasma parameters, monitoring machine conditions and assessing reflectivity of mirrors.

In this role, you will

·         Optimize and refactoring the python-based data analysis script for spectroscopy systems of the ST40 tokamak, ensuring best coding practices.

·         Contribute to assessment of the data quality of spectroscopy systems, focusing on improving the inputs to ensure accurate capture of data quality metrics.

·         Perform analysis of data from one spectroscopy system to derive meaningful insights from measured data, for example analysing degradation of mirror reflectivity from spectral intensity measurements over a series of experiments.


·         Good knowledge of Python programming language.

·         Good collaboration and communication skills.

·         Interest in problem-solving, analysis and software development.

·         Motivated and enthusiastic with the ability to work independently.

·         Studying for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field (e.g. Physics, engineering or relevant).

·         Beneficial (but not necessary) to have previous experience with git versioning, data storage / interfacing with databases and basic understanding of spectroscopy and spectrometers.


  • Fusion Industry experience.
  • Be part of a dynamic team and collaborate with experts in field.
  • 5 days holiday.
  • Competitive pay.

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