Sila Nanotechnologies

Alameda, CA, United States

Posted on: 2022-05-13

Category: energy

Employment type:

Full time

Experience required:



Salary not provided

Senior Battery Process Engineer

About the company:

We are Sila—a next generation battery materials company dedicated to accelerating energy transformation for a more sustainable future. 

Our next-gen anode material is the first significant chemistry improvement to lithium-ion batteries to reach the market in 30 years. Our silicon anode material is a simple drop-in replacement to graphite and significantly boosts the energy density of lithium-ion batteries without compromising performance. 

Today, Sila science powers innovative consumer electronics. Tomorrow, it will fuel our EV future and the electrification of everything. 

We work directly with leading consumer electronics and automotive OEMs to help accelerate product roadmaps, and partners with battery manufacturers commercial cell production. Our partners include BMW, Daimler, and ATL.

Sila Nano works directly with leading consumer electronics and automotive OEMs to help accelerate product roadmaps, and partners with battery manufacturers commercial cell production. 

Sila Nano’s first products significantly increase the energy density of state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. Our materials are manufacturable economically at scale and are drop-in replacements to existing battery manufacturing processes.


You’re an experienced, diligent and communicative engineer who can see ahead to future challenges and lead a team to address them. In your work at Sila, you’ll focus on defining, implementing and continuously improving the cell assembly & electrochemical test processes to integrate Sila’s materials in battery cells, which is critical for developing material concepts and facilitating integration at battery manufacturers. Your work will include time in the lab diagnosing problems and testing solutions to improve our operational and control methods, as well as mentoring fellow teammates to lead developing project plans and deep dives into data sets to reveal underlying patterns.



  • Collaboratively design and implement improvements to build and test battery cells to increase safety, quality, and throughput
  • Develop and establish systems and best practices for safely testing battery cells and analyzing the electrochemical test data
  • Define and execute plans for battery lab equipment and facility for operations growth and improvement
  • Work collaboratively with technicians, engineers, and scientists to troubleshoot, correct, and prevent issues
  • Train, support and mentor technicians and junior engineers on the team
  • Invest in our values and vision and champion them as we grow


  • Hands-on battery laboratory or manufacturing experience
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new systems and improve them with an eye towards quality
  • Collaborative working and leadership style 
  • Proficiency in data collection and analysis; experience with databases is a plus
  • Ability to multitask and actively drive multiple projects simultaneously
  • Understanding of lab and manufacturing safety best practices; experience with lithium-ion batteries is a plus
  • At least a B.S. in engineering or science and 5 years of industry experience