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Lugano, Switzerland

Posted on: 2023-08-30

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Energy Vault is the creator of sustainable energy storage solutions designed to accelerate the transition to a carbon free, resilient power grid and transform the world’s approach to utility-scale energy storage. Energy Vault works to combat climate change by enabling clean and reliable electricity through innovative gravity and kinetic based energy storage technologies.   Energy Vault combines innovative design, advanced materials science, and proprietary machine-vision software to orchestrate the storage and dispatch of electrical power by lifting and lowering composite bricks, made from eco-friendly materials.  Energy Vault’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in a unique approach to the circular economy which utilizes local industrial and energy waste, including remediated coal ash and recycled wind blades converted to recyclable materials, to build the system’s composite bricks. Energy Vault innovates to enable the global shift to a world powered by renewable resources.

About Energy Vault
Energy Vault® develops and deploys utility-scale energy storage solutions designed to transform the world's approach to sustainable energy storage. The Company's comprehensive offerings include proprietary gravity-based storage, battery storage, and green hydrogen energy storage technologies. Each storage solution is supported by the Company’s hardware technology-agnostic energy management system software and integration platform. Unique to the industry, Energy Vault’s innovative technology portfolio delivers customized short-and-long-duration energy storage solutions to help utilities, independent power producers, and large industrial energy users significantly reduce levelized energy costs while maintaining power reliability. Utilizing eco-friendly materials with the ability to integrate waste materials for beneficial reuse, Energy Vault’s EVx™ gravity-based energy storage technology is facilitating the shift to a circular economy while accelerating the global clean energy transition for its customers. Please visit www.energyvault.com for more information.

Our purpose: We exist to enable a sustainably energized world.
Our vision: We envision a future where nature and humankind coexist in harmony.
Our mission: We provide energy solutions to accelerate the global transition to renewable energy.
Our values: We Commit, Innovate, Connect, Deliver, and Lead.

As R&D Construction Manager, you will supervise all construction activities including prototypes and full scale systems at our R&D Center located in Arbedo-Castione, Switzerland. You will be closely aligned with the technology, operations, engineering, and procurement teams to ensure that construction efforts support the desired R&D and business’ objectives.
You will support the construction of projects and ensure that are progressing based on design and delivered on time within budget. You will support and supervise activities performed by local team  as well as external contractors and vendors. The role will apply multi-functional expertise on various disciplines such as mechanical installations, hydraulics and pneumatics. Concrete and electromechanical skills are desirable. You will support the creation of the assembly manuals for the projects.

What you will do
·         Assemble, install, and manage the local team in the daily construction activities at our R&D Center
·         Communicate and collaborate with other departments (mainly technology, engineering, procurement, and operations)
·         Understand design and specification, plan assembly and execute construction of projects
·         Support Director of Construction and Commissioning to meet department KPIs and reporting requirements
·         Anticipate procurement needs and collaborate with procurement team to ensure timely supply of materials
·         Help and manage internal team of on-site workers, guide them, and help troubleshooting
·         Shape a culture of collaboration, innovation, constant improvement, excellence, transparency, open mindedness, humility, integrity, efficiency, joy, compassion, and fulfillment.
·         Gain deep understanding of our renewable energy storge industry, our products and technology, our processes, and our people.
What a qualified candidate should possess
·         10+ years of relevant experience in prototype construction, industrial construction, mechanical workshop,  or equivalent, preferably in energy sector
·         Technical knowledge and experience with mechanical installations, hydraulics, pneumatics, concrete and ability to operate industrial machinery. Electromechanical knowledge is preferred.
·         Ability to lead and motivate other staff members as well as contractors
·         Ability to read technical specifications and designs and translate them into plans and actions
·         Ability to use the computer for 2D / 3D drawings to understand assembly processes without assembly manuals.
·         Stellar attention to detail
·         A passion for carbon neutrality by 2050 is preferred.
·         Fluency in Italian and good use of English

At Energy Vault we are committed to providing an environment of mutual respect where equal employment opportunities are available to all applicants. We believe inclusion creates opportunity for collaborative excellence through diversity of thought. We invite individuals of all genders, races, identities, ethnicities, sexual orientations, national origins, abilities, protected veteran status, religions, educational and socioeconomic backgrounds to explore employment with our organization.

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