Running Tide

Remote, United States

Posted on: 2022-05-16

Category: renewables

Employment type:

Full time

Experience required:



Salary not provided

Technical Program Manager

About the company:

At Running Tide, we build technologies that allow us to harness the power of the ocean to build a climate positive future. Oceans represent two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and have an understated role to play in the future of our life on Earth. Once abundant marine ecosystems and thriving coastal communities are now suffering due to pollution, ocean acidification and declining water quality. At Running Tide, we have experienced this firsthand, and we know the problem won't solve itself. That’s why we are building technologies to accelerate, scale and optimize the naturally restorative benefits of shellfish and kelp in the ocean. 

Our technologies enable us to rebuild food systems that are zero carbon and provide positive ecosystem services. Our shellfish production is mostly automated, entirely data-driven, and takes up a only a fraction of the space as traditional shellfish operations. Shellfish are the optimal protein for a growing population because they are delicious, healthy, and climate positive.

We are also building the most efficient carbon removal system in the world. Kelp is a macroalgae that absorbs CO2 from the water as it grows. Using ocean currents and gravity we sink the kelp and its embodied carbon to the deep ocean where it remains for thousands of years. Our technologies enable us to reduce the cost, predict outcomes, and massively scale carbon removal. 

Using our technologies and production capabilities of our shellfish and kelp hatcheries, we also restore Blue Carbon habitats in coastal ecosystems. Our coastal shellfish reefs, kelp forests and seagrass meadows are engines for biodiversity and job creation, however these ecosystems are severely degraded all over the world. These ecosystems drive direct economic value to coastal communities and protect our coasts from storms and erosion. Only active restoration efforts will bring these systems back into balance, giving future generations the opportunity to benefit from the ocean's bounty.

Running Tide is an ocean technology company built to tackle humanity's most urgent challenge: climate change. We build cutting-edge solutions that integrate engineered and biological systems to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, restore ecosystems, and secure food systems. Our multidisciplinary team of world-class scientists, engineers, and maritime operators is working as fast as possible while the world is burning.

We’re looking for a Technical Program Manager to work with our R&D team on launching and leveling up technical teams. Running Tide research teams are broadly interdisciplinary, combining experts from many STEM fields. These teams need to develop workflows that match best-in-class tech industry practices (e.g. project management, software design, big data analysis). The Technical Program Manager will serially build self-sufficient teams across a range of technical projects (e.g. Ocean Modeling, Computational Genomics) comprised of team members from around the globe.


Our teams operate with utmost persistence. We are tackling the world’s most difficult and important problems, and we are unwavering in our motivation to find a solution. At our core, we are innovators driven to do "more good" rather than "less bad" in the world.

Running Tide is committed to building a diverse team, bringing as many possible perspectives to bear on the unprecedented challenges facing our planet. We are committed to building an inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds  can come to do their best work.

You Will:

  • Launch-coordinate product-focused research teams, create development strategy, hiring plans, and budgets.
  • Set technical strategy and prioritize development work.
  • Mentor interdisciplinary team members in development best practices (project & workflow management, software design, math & computer science skill building).
  • You Are (or You Have):

  • A rigorous background in computer science, math, or mathematical sciences.
  • Strong communication, technical design and documentation skills.
  • High performing time management and task prioritization skills.
  • Critical thinking skills; able to transform discussion into strategic action.
  • Experienced leading product-focused development teams in tech or related industry.
  • Skilled in software product design and development.
  • Motivated to learn new technical disciplines (i.e. physical oceanography, remote sensing).
  • An empathetic and engaged manager.
  • Bonus Points:

  • Python programming experience and comfort on a Linux command line.
  • Understanding of the Google Cloud Platform architecture.