Paris, France

Posted on: 2022-08-03

Category: food

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Full time

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Salary not provided

Communication Director

About the company:

InnovaFeed is a biotech company that produces natural and sustainable ingredients for animal feed and plant nutrition from insect rearing (Hermetia illucens). 

We contribute to the growth of a high-quality fish farming sector by providing a new source of sustainable, natural and high-performance protein. We also produce high-quality insect oil than can be used in poultry and swine feed, as an alternative to imported oils. Our oil is rich in lauric acid, known for its anti-microbial properties. Finally, insect dejections are used as an organic fertilizer, closing the nitrogen loop in a circular way. 

InnovaFeeds’ innovating insect rearing process is deployed on an industrial scale to address the strain on natural resources in a responsible and sustainable way. 

Leveraging expertise at the forefront of biotech research, our unique model is supported by many key actors in the scientific, political and financial fields.

At InnovaFeed, we are committed to inventing efficient technologies that reproduce Nature's processes on a large scale. By building a circular and zero waste agri-food chain replicating insect's natural role, we want to reinvent our way of living with higher quality, sustainability and resilience, for everyone. We are a team of pragmatic dreamers who believe performance and positive impact can go hand in hand to reshape the world we leave to future generations.
As Communication Director, you will be responsible for embodying Innovafeed’s mission and ambition. The communication team is part of a transversal corporate functions department that also includes the HR and Legal teams.
You will be in charge of the Communication team and therefore, your missions are :
Build the global communication strategy and ensure the implementation of that strategy across geographies
Support Innovafeed’s strategic business objectives by defining and executing a best-in-class corporate communications strategy
Build the InnovaFeed corporate brand discourse and adapt our messages depending on the audiences’ specificies
Define the communication planning and calendar
Manage the PR agency and oversee PR initiatives
Directly interact and establish relationships with journalists, media outlets, industry peers, and other external stakeholders to drive thought-leadership and brand awareness
Ensure the day-to-day implementation of this strategy
Track results (KPI) and adapt the strategy
Work with the US team to adapt and implement Innovafeed communication strategy in the US
Make InnovaFeed an opinion leader on the subjects that are identified as our major battles
- Monitor current issues to be the first to react
- Secure InnovaFeed's position in relevant networks and conferences
- Build the network of Innovafeed ambassadors
3. Build the employer brand strategy
·       Define the communication strategy (internal and external) of our employer value proposition according to our HR objectives
·       Implement this strategy in our external communication and internal communication
·       Work closely with the HR team to ensure alignement
·       Track results (KPI) and adapt the strategy
Lead the development, execution and measurement of the internal communication strategy
- Ensure our company strategy and messages are understood across the company
- Lead key company « moments » (internal events, company annoucements…)
- Oversee the development of core communications materials
Define the ressources needed
- Define and manage the Communication budget
- Manage the communication team
This role is pivotal to Innovafeed’s Communication Strategy and its implementation. This is one of the key areas for Innovafeed on the short and long terms.
You will be in direct and frequent contact with different departments inside and outside the organization in France and internationally.