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For the self-reliant energy consumer looking to break free from the grip of utility companies, Blue Planet Energy is the energy storage provider that unlocks true grid independence with the world’s most powerful, safe and reliable battery solution with its Blue Ion products.
Breaking free of the power grid can be a frustrating process for consumers. Traditional batteries—namely lead-acid and common lithium-ion variations—are complicated by safety and performance limitations, which create hesitation and doubt in the minds of consumers. At the heart of Blue Planet Energy’s Blue Ion systems is safe, high-performing Lithium Ferrous Phosphate, creating a solution that is guaranteed to provide higher-quality, longer-lasting power in a compact and sleek design, all while being the lowest cost option on the market. Finally, consumers have the power to break free of the old monopoly utilities. 

We currently offer the Blue Ion 2.0 system across the US, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico through our network of top-notch certified dealers. 

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